Master's degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and Language Teaching

Pre-enrolment and enrolment

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Dates of pre-enrolment and enrolment

Pre-enrolment: from 29th July to 15th September 2020

Enrolment: from 1st to 5th October 2020


The application process is common to all Catalan universities for all specialisations.
Applications are handled by the Guidance Office for University Access (OOAU), which manages online applications to the Master’s Degree. It ensures places are properly publicised and considers all students’ applications based on the principles of equality, merit and ability.


Places are allocated based on students’ average marks on their academic records.
A total of 28 students will be admitted to the course each year (with a maximum of 30 if appeals for the reconsideration of applications are submitted).
Student’s average marks are calculated on the basis of the provisions set out in Royal Decree 1267/1994 of June 10, which amended Royal Decree 1497/1987 of November 27, and on various other pieces of degree-specific legislation (see the Official State Gazette – BOE – of June 11, 1994), all of which establish the common general guidelines used to assess the curricula of official university degrees.
Students must enrol at the university at which their specialisation is taught.
In the case of students taking the Master’s Degree at the UdL, enrolments will take place at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work (FEPTS).
The Master’s Degree will only be run if there is a minimum of 10 students for each specialisation.