Master's degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and Language Teaching

Timetable 2024/25

Itinerary of part-time students

Student’s can take the Master’s degree on a part-time basis. A general recommendation is that students who work more than 10 hours per week should consider taking the Master’s degree on a part-time basis (two years). As a general guide, the following learning plan is proposed for part-time students:

1st year Learning and personality development - 5 ECTS
Specific Formation Complements - 8 ECTS
Educational processes and contexts - 5 ECTS
Society, Family and Education - 5 ECTS
2nd year Teaching and learning (subjects) - 12 ECTS
Innovate teaching and initiation to educational research - 5 ECTS
Internships - 14 ECTS
Master's thesis - 6 ECTS

In order to adapt the learning plan to the individual characteristics of each student, it is recommended that any student interested in taking the Master’s Degree on a part-time basis should have a tutoring session before starting the Master’s Degree registration process.